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You won’t realize this was a cup of decaf until you actually wake up the next morning.

We don’t take our decaf offering lightly. We have an obligation to you; find the best bean for the job. Thankfully we’ve found this Colombian Naturally Washed single-origin.

Most decafs lack the original flavors because of how the beans are “decaffeinated.” The normal process involves lots of chemicals or a heavy treatment of gas…leaving only a remnant of the original bean. Overall experience is usually "meh". 

Our decaf is processed naturally using fermented sugarcane (readily available/grown in Colombia). This helps keep nasty chemicals out of the process and also preserves the authenticity of the bean. You’ll immediately notice a difference in taste and the life-expectancy of the bean.

We NEVER add any chemicals, syrups, flavors, or random tricks into our coffee. This is 100% naturally sourced and roasted coffee, right here in the Midwest. #ExperienceFresh.

Brew to your heart's content...

Here are some measurements we use for our roasts. We test our roasts under these conditions (or very close to it). 

Pour Over

  • Medium to Medium/Fine Grind
  • 15g of Water for Every 1g of Coffee.
  • We prefer a brew of 30g of coffee and 450g of water.
  • Water Temp: 200f


  • Medium/Fine Grind
  • 20g of coffee for complete press
  • Add 200g of water after press is complete (for "Americano")

Standard Drip

  • Medium Grind
  • 40g of coffee for a 8-12cup pot

French Press (8-cup)

  • Medium / Coarse Grind
  • 60g of coffee 
  • 1,000g of water
  • 5min soak time. 

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